Future Fires – Weapon Of Choice

I caught up with Future Fires to find out their weapons of choice.
Adam – Guitar:
Adam was drawn to his cherry red Hofner verythin because of its beautiful retro 60s aesthetic and it’s tonal versatility. He plugs into a Marshall DSL 30 to get that classic, unmistakable saturated valve crunch. His favourite pedal is his TC electronic flashback x4, which gives him 100s of gorgeous spacey echoes to create unique soundscapes with.

John – Guitar: Burns King Cobra into a Vox AC30. 2x classic Tubescreamers (808s) and an Ibanez analogue delay. The rest is a mystery for now as its taken a while to get that tone. The Burns is a tribute to the genius of Hank Marvin.




Matt on bass- Weapon Of Choice- Thunderbird, cool, sleek, sexy…..wayyyy too heavy, hello long term back problems!
Amp: Ashdown MAG C410T-600 EVO II, it’s an absolute monster and produces beautiful sounds. Due to it’s shear size we can rarely transport it to gigs though! Might be time to downsize…..or get a roadie.
Favourite Pedal: Big Muff fuzz pedal, for when you want to take things to 11.

Alex – Drums:
My current kit is a Tama Rockstar in wine red, with Sabian AAX cymbals.
It’s a bit old but has stood the test of time pretty well, incredibly sturdy piece of kit and super customisable.
The cymbals are wicked, the only downside is….they are a bit loud! (Or maybe that’s my inability to play quietly.

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