Up & Coming Rap Artist ‘Strinkta’

20 year old Rapper Strinkta from Texas USA is  one to watch out for this year. His album titled ‘PATIENCE’ is packed full of catchy beats you’d hear banging in any nightclub you’ll go to.

Soon as I heard the first 3 tracks I knew he had something great. I instantly got in touch for an interview and here’s what he had to say!

When did you discover you could rap?

I first discovered I could rap around 14 years old. I would make songs just because I wanted me and my friends to turn up to in the car. After people in my school started playing my songs every where it gave me a little motivation to just keep going and here I am.

Who’s your musical inspirations?

My musical inspirations who made me who influenced my music are Dave east & Young Dolph. The reason being because they’re in their 30’s and still killing the rap game. They’ve been doing music since a young age and never stopped their grind and that’s how they got to where they are today.

Can you give us a brief description of your song writing process for the album, and who produced it?

My mixtape “PATIENCE” was something I made in a span of two months. I currently attend Texas Tech University and through out my semester in college I mainly focused on the Mixtape around the beginning of October . If I wanted to put out my mixtape, which contained 7 songs, in December then I would have to write, record, mix and master one song in 8 days because 8 days per song would be about 2 months for the whole thing so I made sure i was organized with it. The persons who produced the beat was “Jack Norris” and he is a 16 year old producer form Nashville. I loved his beats and hit him up right away because I had to have his beats.

What’s your plans in music for 2019?

My plans in 2019 are to take this full time. I’ve been doing music on the side and focused on school the majority of my life but I see potential in myself and so do my peers. I just started doing shows in my city and I’ve been getting major buzz here so that just made me want to go harder. If im doing music on the side and a lot of people mess with my sound then I can’t imagine how it would be if I truly put all my time into this. For 2019 I want to put out mixtapes and videos and just go for it. Of course I rather have quality over quantity and because of this my music is going to be at the top. I plan on being the hottest artist in Texas. That’s what I expect in 2019.

Finally, what’s your ultimate goal as a musician?

My goal as a musician to get into Billboard top 100. That’s my main goal. Just one song on Billboard would mean a lot to me and I know for a fact I can do it so that’s what keeps me pushing. As a person, I want to be able to give back to my family and city. With the money I get from Music and if I get contracts with brands then I want to be able to pay for my family’s bills and debt before I get to myself cause they made me who I am. Second, I want to make sure we are living good and have my family comfortable with nice clothes, cars and nice house. Lastly, after all this is taken care of, I want to give back to my city. I want to be able to build more parks with lights, libraries and skate parks because growing up where I’m from you get bored. If it wasn’t for basketball at the park I would’ve been doing dumb shit and getting in trouble but that kept me out of it. I feel putting more parks, libraries and skate parks in my city would keep people out of trouble. I also want to fund programs where people in my city can get scholarships for school. I want to create program where kids can compete in video games in different age groups and games and have them compete in the summer. Whoever wins in their respective category get small scholarships. That’s my main goal.

Thanks a lot Strinkta for taking time to answer these questions and wish you all the best with your album.

You can listen to his album now below, and follow Strinkta on Twitter & Instagram @strinkta

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