Oscar Corney – World Alive

Oscar Corney has supported the likes of JP Cooper. And after an NMG award, he’s realesed this great track.

The brand new single ‘World Alive’ is littered with guitar and polished drumming, and it’s a catchy tune!

I had the pleasure of asking Oscar some questions I’d love to know!

I know it’s cliche but who’s your inspirations?

My inspirations go all across the board with people like James bay, Matt Corby, John Mayer , Ryan Adams to people like Bon iver Ben Howard. 


Why do you do this?

Music for me is that one thing that gives me a feeling like no other. Be it live shows or recording or even just jamming at home there’s always this feeling of magic when you’ve got the freedom to create. So I guess it started as a passion project and has built to where I’m at now! 


What’s your go to guitar/ or any instrument?

Right now my go to guitar is my Goldtop les Paul! I can’t get enough of it! The Goldtop is a Japanese Tokai! And I recently dropped some Gibson collectors choice pickups in it, they sound incredible.


First song ever learned?


Corr first song ever learned I’d have to say might be James Bond? Haha


Any new music tech we should know about?


Always messing with my pedal board so I’m about to go underway with a very unnecessary upsize. I’ve been telling myself for a while I need more pedals even though I’m completely sure I don’t haha.


And Any pre gig superstitions?


This one has to be guitar strings. NEVER get in your head that a string may break mid set. It’s a downward anxious spiral that always leads to breaking a string mid set haha.

Brilliant stuff Oscar, I wish you well with the single.


Listen to the song here


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