Mackenta – ‘Hypersensitive’

Singer-songwriter Mackenta, from Toronto, Canada, released a new single, and it’s definitely something different. 

Mackenta has also released singles previously, her best one out in December of 2017, ‘No Finesse’ and has racked up nearly 54,000 streams on Spotify.

Mackentas ultimate goal as a musician is to tour the world with her music, and dreams one day to start her own indie label.

Her latest single is titled ‘Hypersensitive’ and seems based around emotional intelligence. Mackentas life experiences have brought her to this moment, after exchanging a partying lifestyle for a more mature and spiritual outlook. 

It’s always cliche to say that a song is unique, of course it is, but what separates Mackenta is her understanding of how human beings operate, and using that as an advantage to create solid music that matters.

Listen to the song below, and follow Mackenta on Twitter 

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Author: Cpt.S

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