Future Fires – Midnight Sky

There’s a lot of heat coming from Birmingham’s music scene at the moment, and ‘Future Fires’ are another log in the burner.

They have all the elements in what I love to see in an indie rock band.

The Guitars, the style, but most importantly, a great song and personality as the back bone. 


Their new single ‘Midnight Sky’ is littered with powerful drumming and mesmeric guitar riffs. 

The song begins by throwing you straight into the deep end, and if you’re expecting a build up to a chorus you better buckle yourself in for the first verse to start with.

Vocally it’s unquestionable, a strong indie rock sound. And there’s catchy backing tones entering the song through out!

Lyrically it toys with the idea of the partying life style, ‘locked under the midnight sky’. And that may be the only time of day this band are seeing when living the high life! Or is there a romance blossoming, that develops that annoyingly addictive insomnia? 

The song is yours to decide!

There’s a lot of personality from these lads in the song, and in the music video! Which I’m a massive fan of! It’s current, and there’s big potential here! 

Check the song + video for it below, and follow the lads now for the latest!  

@futurefires on Twitter!



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