Glasvegas – Live Acoustic Review

James & Rab Allan played a very special show at The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh. It had been a bawhair off 11 years since I first seen them at The Liquid Rooms when they burst onto the scene with their debut single Geraldine. Still to this day one of the greatest tracks Scotland has ever produced and in this write up, I have a 7 minute minute video of it and some golden banter from James & Rab when they tell us how that song came to light.

They kicked us off with ‘Flowers & Football Tops’ from the self titled debut album, a brilliantly written song and even more amazing acoustically. The crowd were in the mood for it shortly after support act Jonny Skinner played. His future looks promising and rightly so.

In that gig room the sound was epic. Rab makes playing guitar look as easy as blinking. In fact, I’m surprised he even needs to open his Fukin eyes the way he plays. The set list was a collection of their best songs so they definitely nailed that. Although it didn’t have ‘Lonesome Swan’ in there, I personally was disappointed but fuck it, the gig was great anyway. Nearer the end James & Rab were kind of taking requests, so a random guy and I were both shouting play ‘Lonesome Swan’ but with no joy! If you’re going tonight shout like fuck for it and film it for me!

We were treated to hear a new song called ‘Glasshouse’ which sounded like it was going to be a big tune so I’m looking forward to hearing it with the rest of the band.

This was an intimate gig. It’s not one where you’re gonna be jumping up and down like a madman, it was more chill and polite. A lot of the time during the set, the crowd were just looking up in awe of how class James & Rab are. How well they work together. Singing the words along with James and people just lost in the sound produced by talented musicians.

An hour and a half of pure magic. If you want to see the video of Geraldine head over to our twitter to see it. This website carry on doesn’t let you host your own videos for some reason. I’m probably just shite at it.

Red wine white wine, a whitey aw the time.

Author: Cpt.S

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