2018’s Top 10 Albums

If you’re reading this it means you’re intrigued to know the best albums that we came to discover and grow to love. Music that dominated our playlists accumulating thousands of minutes played all wrapped up in a nice wee top 10 of 2018! No matter how I dress this up the real judge of music pleasure is you – the listener. The imaginative. The soulful. The wild. The hoping for better.

So let’s get the ball rolling shall we?



Dream Wife – ‘Dream Wife’

self titled album by the London Based trio is a superb album. Released the 26th of January this year I only had the pleasure of hearing it recently! I know I’m bad at this game. But ever since then I haven’t turned it off. It’s packed with punk rock guitar riffs, melodic vocals and each song individually has you hooked. #recommended

Favourite Track – ‘Somebody’


#9 George Ezra – Staying At Tamara’s

The voice of George Ezra is enough. He doesn’t need lyrics and a guitar just sing anything! Sing the words on the instruction manual of a lawn mower and I’ll buy it Georgie Boy!

For now I’ll settle for his 2nd Album that came out 23rd March. Well it’s an album of singles isn’t it? There’s nothing out of the ordinary on this album. The single ‘Shotgun’ from the record was clearly the song of the summer and for once in my life, I experienced a song that didn’t feel over played. It has 231 Million streams on Spotify alone and rightly so, many of which was indeed myself.

Favourite Track – Shotgun.


#8 Kyle Falconer – No Thank You

From Scotland’s very own band The View, Frontman Kyle Falconer released his solo album this year on July 27th. I was eagerly anticipating its release as I expected View-ish songs on the record and there is hints of it through out. His guitar skills are second to none, vocally his tone is the most unique sound you’ll ever hear. Lyrically it’s a story of Kyle’s Journey from entering Rehab, and embracing the joyous life of becoming a father. There’s a sense of maturity from his wilder days in the View. All written and recorded by himself besides the drums, this is a fantastic record and I never expected anything less.

Favourite Track – The Therapist


#7 Razorlight – Olympus Sleeping


I’ve been a fan of Razorlight ever since I heard their track ‘To The Sea’ off their debut album ‘Up All Night’ back in 2004. Instantly hooked. If you haven’t heard it – give yourself a treat on the ears today! 

So this record comes a decade after ‘Slipway Fires’ and for me it’s like they haven’t been gone. Johnny Borrell has had solo adventures during this period that never reached similar heights as the band but you can’t deny his talent. He was born to be a rockstar, and I’m over the moon he’s back where he belongs. 

Favourite Track – Japanrock

#6 The Kooks – Lets Go Sunshine

Inside in / inside out- brought us Naive, Eddies Gun, Matchbox, I’ll tell you what actually it brought us one of the best album in 2006 and it continued to be one of the greatest. Then they released Konk in 2008, so that combined with their debut album made one hell of a playlist! Their greatest hits tour last year is a gig I regret not being part of.

Fast forward to 2018 and it’s Let’s Go Sunshine I think is what The Kooks do best. Luke Pritchard and his instantly recognisable vocals, with perfect indie rock melodies through out each track. 

Favourite Track- Fractured And Dazed


#5 Johnny Marr – Call The Comet

‘Call The Comet’ and the comet came in the form of Smiths legend Johnny Marr playing guitar like a god. This album understands I’m in need of it, and delivers it superbly. 

There was a time I’d sit and repeat live videos of Jonny Marr playing Smiths songs on a 4 track. The way he layers over each part of a song to create magic out of this world always baffled me, why are you this good!? It’s not fair man. 

Favourite Track – Hi Hello

#4 Blossoms – Cool Like You

Follow up album ‘Cool like You’ by Manchesters Blossoms was only out in April this year. And you knew it was going to be one of the best in 2018.

These lads capture a moment. They were meant to be in this band at this exact time on earth to record awesome music. In a current industry that craves a blossoming band of great musicians. All you want to hear in a catchy pop song is in this album. Besides sensational synth pop, there’s also romance, reflection, and admiration. And from the very beginning I knew Blossoms would go all the way. They’d have comfort at the top. Not just vocally but instrumental ability is upper class. They’ve consistently delivered through out this album. Never considering a different avenue because they’re fans know them at their best and would consequently be insulted if they heard anything other than addictive vocals and danceable melodies. 

So this album has to be in the top 10 of 2018. It really gathers years of hard work into a marvellous record but believe me it’s just a stepping stone. Blossoms have got better and better through out the years to achieve this level and now with a firm grip on their sound, the world is theirs to smash with it.

Favourite Track – How Long Will This Last


#3 The Fratellis – In Your Own Sweet Time

‘In your own sweet time’ is a top effort from a well seasoned band having as much fun as they did back in 2006 with their debut Costello Music.

There’s a lot of fun tracks on this record, many of them with danceable melodies and vocally Jon Fratelli’s voice remains as crisp as ever. 

Favourite Track – I’ve Been Blind

#2 Snail Mail – Lush

I’m sure by now you will have heard of the female fronted band Snail Mail from the USA. Album debutants have gained massive popularity with their 10 track record titled ‘lush’ out in June this year. 

Half a million monthly listeners shouldn’t be taken lightly. The potential is astronomical. 

Her tone is like those classic number 1’s from the 90’s. Songwriting and instrumental professionals, sure to be headline acts selling out arenas around the world. 

Favourite Track – Pristine



#1 The Blinders – Columbia

The blinders debut album Columbia brought back to music what it was lacking. The Manchester lads stormed the U.K. with tracks like Et Tu, I Can’t Breathe, Hate Song, Brave New World. The whole album is just a rollercoaster of pure class. 

Although It wasn’t an easy choice I’ve made it my favourite for the year. And It was the moment on the album ‘Free The Slave’ faded into ‘I Can’t Breathe’. Absolute genius.

Favourite Track- I Can’t Breathe Blues


So that wraps it up for 2018 best of albums. And what a year it’s been for music. A lot of my faith has been restored in the last 12 months and I cannot wait to see what 2019 will bring.

Is your list similar or completely different? Let me know!

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