A Little On The Captain

Why am i blogging?

This is my first ever blog by the way! I’ll be bringing you the best music that’s going unheard by millions.

And that’s all you get from this blog really.

Though I have to tell you something, and honestly. I’m sick of listening to the radio on repeat and worry for new bands and artists.

No offence, it just seems if you happen to like anything other than Dua Lipa you’re a weirdo.

I want to give great music a bigger voice!

And here is exactly where i aim to achieve that,  I’ll have an awesome time doing it!

Who am I blogging for?

People who like music but cant be bothered searching for the next best song? perhaps.

I’m also blogging for that songs right to be up there with the rest!

But can i really force peoples opinions to be the same as mine on particular songs? of course not, but ill try.

Ultimately that’s my blogging goal and i love a variety of music, so join me at the helm for nothing but adventure and discovery!

Come hell or high water.

thank you

The Captain

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