Sunflower Thieves – Two Halves

Sunflowers symbolise adoration, loyalty, and longevity. And i can sense all of this within this pop-folk band with the flawless harmonies and charming lyrics. ‘Charmonies‘ if you like.

The song,’Two Halves’ begins gently, the electric guitar soothes you and think it’ll continue to be this way, but I’m telling you now, be patient. Its just a tease.

It picks up superbly but with an easy tempo on the drums, and angelic vocals collide, it vibes absolute relaxation. I thought i was listening to a record by Lily Allen.
This song had me cruising in a convertible on a hot summers day, it naturally cheers you up. Its a song where you’d never question its sudden appearance on the radio! Its a beautifully crafted piece of music.

photo Amy and lily

The artwork on the release is also impressive, it really speaks a thousand words. And for me it’s if your thoughts are positive, then your reality will be positive.

artwork by @adillingworth_

I believe this is what this modern and entertaining band are all about! and I’m a huge huge fan of that and this record especially, every day of the week!

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