STAR in a band

Are you looking to join/start a band and don’t have a clue where to start?

Are you a singer, guitarist, drummer, bassist, keyboard genius, looking to connect with like minded people?

Then look no further!

When I was Growing up I started to learn guitar at the age of 13, and when I got half decent all I wanted to do was join a band. None of my close friends were interested in the ideas I had, so I had a bit of a nightmare succeeding at it. So much so I would’ve loved to have a page where I could connect with people in a similar situation, share ideas, play and write together, and who knows what could’ve been.

So submit your talents here and hopefully someone will reach out to you.

  • Name
  • Age
  • location
  • Talent
  • What you’re looking for
  • Picture (optional)
  • It couldn’t be simpler. Submit your skill to and appear on this site!

Author: Cpt.S

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