Trookers – The Temporary

Trookers, from Shetland in the very north east of the U.K., have just released their debut album, ‘The Temporary’.

This is a really easy-listen album. It’s got a mellow vibe, and instrumentally has everything. 

There’s great vocals and catchy harmonies, a Ukulele on the ‘Birds’ song which was a nice touch.

There’s so much personality in this band. 

The writing seems darkish but in a fun way. I think it points in that direction, but they have the ability to make dark sound feel-good, and honestly the word dark seems exaggerated.The entertaining vocals and being highly-skilled musicians give it balance, and definitely worth a listen.

Favourite tracks- Minute Steak, Hand Grenade.

Follow the band now on twitter @trookersband 

Author: Cpt.S

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