The 1975’s A brief inquiry should be brief

A Breif Inquiry Into Online Relationships should have maybe only been brief after all- not 15 songs long. 

I found myself skipping track after track hoping the 1975 would deliver greatness compared to their previous work and realised I was wasting my time. Maybe this was the message?

We have the world in our hands, there’s no need to go outside. If anything this album made me feel guilty.

I don’t like feeling guilt when I’m trying to enjoy music.

“The man who married a robot” is a story narrated by Siri.  How the fuck did the 1975 get Siri to behave for 3 minutes straight? Me, having a Scottish accent is particularly difficult to get him to say “hello”’without him fucking off and searching for Beyoncé’s ‘halo’. Was it meant to be comedy? Am I missing something?

I admire the experimental direction, but I can’t see myself cutting shapes to a story told by Siri. He’s no Morgan Freeman. 

Now I was drawn to ‘how to draw/petrichor’ as it felt like a meditation video. I was waiting for the narrator (Siri) to tell me to “find a couch or a bed, relax, do not drive while listening and for best results, use headphones”. But that wasn’t the case. ‘Petrichor’ is the smell of rain as it lands on dry soil, in case you were unaware of that. It can’t be bottled for personal use. 

The singles on the album released before hand are however typical 1975 catchy pop songs. I can’t complain with them. But it feels as though they were the best of the bunch. The rest of it was just noise for me. I can’t help but say this album is more of a lecture, than for pure listening pleasure.


listen to the album, let me know what you think?

Author: Cpt.S

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