Razorlight Are Back!

After 10 years from the album ‘Slipway Fires’, I never thought I’d see this day!

I had the pleasure of seeing the band twice, at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange and the Rock Ness Festival in the north of Scotland where they were the headline act.

Both absoultely stunning gigs.

Addictive guitar riffs and savage drumming with Jonny’s Vocals is hard to beat.

I’ve genuinely missed these guys, they were a massive part of my teenage years.

I still listen to ‘Slipway Fires’ to this day.

The new album is a major buzz for me I cannot wait to hear it!

Listen to this song ‘Good to let the good times back into your life’. A new single from the coming album ‘Olympus Sleeping’.

It sums up perfectly just how I feel seeing this new album coming soon!!

follow the band now for the latest, on Twitter @Razorlight


Author: Cpt.S

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