Voodoo And The Crypts

Love The Stone Roses?

Love The kooks? 

Well you’ll love Voodoo And The Crypts.


why not combine the two into 1 band?



Sure, let’s have it.


I’ve recently discovered the 4 piece who come from Brighton. 

A single from the band called ‘Feeling’ in 2017 is nearly a year old, and it beats me how it’s just blessed my soul right now in 2018.

who do we blame? That is the question. This song deserves more credit.


Its funky, entertaining melody makes you bounce around. It’s pretty uncontrollable.

Vocally it’s sharp but so smooth, it reminds me of Luke Pritchard.


catchy electrical riffs and bass, are married to tasty timed drumming, and they all mould together like one big happy family.

This band are another one to watch out for.

Follow the band now for the latest info @VATCmusic on Twitter. And their latest music now on Spotify.

Here’s the song, and the video which is brilliantly similar to the Napoleon Dynamite dance scene.

awesome work!


Author: Cpt.S

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