Nothing Lasts Forever – The Riff

This promising 4 piece from Swansea released this song in 2017, and yet again I’m baffled as to how I’ve just heard it! 

On this record I can hear glimmers of The Courteeners and The Cure, who are ideal inspirations. 

It’s a song where the lyrics suggests the writer is fed up, he’s moving on. but he’s positively vibing through the art of music. What a way to send that message to all who it concerns. 

Can more people annoy this guy so he can write some more great tunes?

This song lyrically I imagine it was born on a bad situation, but it sounds awesome so who really cares what the lyrics suggest? In a way he’s truthful and brutally honest which can only be admired.

I’ll refer to ‘Charming Man’ by The Smiths, the opening lyrics are ‘Punctured bicycle, on a hillside desolate’. Now, have you ever looked a bike and thought of that song? I doubt it. I doubt me saying that has ruined the song for you either. 

You love it for what it is, and how it sounds and you make it yours!

I think melodically the keyboard entries are in fact the key. At that moment I hear those I hear The Cure,and when the vocals kick in I hear The Courteeners.

But all credit to the vocalist, he’s got uniqueness and a style of his own which deserves praise.

Hearing this record was enjoyable and it’ll continue to be enjoyable. I can only see more main stages with bright lights and smoke machines, and a big crowd dancing and singing every word back to the band.


To follow the band for the latest on Twitter: @TheRiffUK

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Author: Cpt.S

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