‘Girl in red’ makes songs in her room

During sunday sailing, all hands were on deck when this song by Marie, 19, rocked the boat.  

I then explored further, to find out she made this song in her bedroom.

How? I’m lucky if even make the bed, never mind make a song like this.

The title ‘4am’, and lyrically she couldn’t get a sleep that evening, so channeled her insomnia into making this tune. 

I love it. So please Marie, loose some more sleep and make us more! Follow Marie @_girlinred_

Listen to the song on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/4wj4tRXv4x105OQ8rEYuTN?context=spotify%3Auser%3Aspotify%3Aplaylist%3A37i9dQZF1DXdbXrPNafg9d&si=BHOxamUyTJiA2r175vlD3g


Author: Cpt.S

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