Everything – Courtyards

First impressions

imagine jumping on board a moving bullet train? It’s cool, you don’t have to, just listen to this. Then Electrify your bones. 

Bring summer on a cold winter day, travel away from cockroach infested rooms to flamingo shaped towels and an unlimited bedroom bar. Plug in, turn the world off.

What you’ll love

Besides travelling at 100mph in musical madness? energetic tempo is the understatement of the year!

Vocally it’s marvellous, comfortably penetrating. The melody, Explosive. Addictive. I cannot urge you more!

I eagerly listen, this guy is a wordsmith.

The Emotional intelligence is sky high. 

He reads a room with ease, then delivers through his music. And the band happily co-operate.

Like he’s reading a recipe and baking bomb cakes. 

He feels everything. The SherRock Holmes of Yorkshire Is here. Simply magnificent John.


There’s no delusion in this conclusion.

This band are fire. They wouldn’t look out of place on a main stage at a massive festival and I won’t be doubting that’ll be reality soon from the very moment I publish this.

Author: Cpt.S

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