The Covasettes New Tune ‘Wild’

The Covas new tune is that good it’s pretty scary. I think they’ve raised the bar with this belter titled Wild. They’ve set a marker for indie bands around the U.K., because if I was in an indie band it’d be my absolute goal to create as great a tune as this. 

Consequently, what’s the point if you don’t? What’s the point in releasing mediocre tunes that’s just ‘ok see what happens.’ That get a couple of claps, raise a few eye brows, and receive half hearted taps of the foot, and that’s it?  

It’s not even a surprise any more a lot of bands these days are just hitting and hoping with their records. Like playing golf in the dark. 

With Wild the success of this record is yet to be seen, but it’s rather easy to estimate. In my opinion this song has the qualities to be remembered, to be turned up to the max through car speakers all over the U.K. Radio stations on the repeat button. You know there’s hard work involved, how carefully it’s been crafted like a 10ft wedding cake, about to be devoured by hungry indie fans. Like there hasn’t been a stone uncovered, because you won’t find a single second that doesn’t feel right in this song.

As the opening guitar riff is plucked straight from Indie heaven, and perfectly peppered drumming compliment each other superbly.

Vocally effortless, and without hearing it live I can imagine Frontman Chris is it just as flawless.

The fluidic melody of this song gives great music joy! 

And lyrically it tells a highly relatable story of running around wild, ignoring ‘Feelings that chase me’. And hoping for someone to show us the way, teach us how to face the music as well as play it.

The Mancunian 4 piece have just cemented their future in the music industry for years to come.

listen to it here, and follow them on twitter and Instagram @thecovasettes

Author: Cpt.S

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