Martha L Healy – Keep The Flame Alight

Scottish country-rock singer Martha L Healy has released her 2nd album ‘Keep the flame alight’ and it’s full of a variety of classic instruments, catchy choruses, and she has an amazing tone to her voice.


Treat yourself this Saturday and take a dip in this album. It’s a whiskey enjoyed in a Hot tub record.

Her lyrics are pure, which I love to see. It’s absent of any musical cliches when she writes as real as this, giving insight on her personal endeavours.

The single ‘Fall in love again’ released before the album debut is a personal favourite, as is ‘Women with no shame’. Each song has its own story told by moving melodies, and I can only give this album a solid 9/10 based on its level of musical class, and lyrical honesty.

Listen to it here

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