Last Wild Lion

They’ve combined 2 decades of music appetites into a variety packed album, but its all a breath of fresh air. 

The album is full of catchy riffs and addictive melodies. Vocally it’s sensational. I was struggling to pick a favourite song out of the 10 tracks on the Album titled ‘They’re Not Secrets Anymore.’

If you had a gun to my head, the song ‘Drive’ is one of the best, but they’re all superb! I can’t do it justice you need to get this album!

I had the pleasure of getting to know more about the band from Edinburgh. 

When did you start out as a band?

We began in our current line-up in 2016. Neil and I have been playing in bands together since we were 15. We both met Andrew in 2008 on a summer job so we’ve been jamming since then. Lewis joined in 2016 after a brief stint with me in a country band. You could tell he was insanely talented with exceptional musicality after 1 practice! Just one of those guys. 

I know it’s a typical question, but who’s your inspirations?

The inspirations come from a lot of places. Musically though, it’s a bit more diverse which definitely shows in our music. It won’t be for everyone but when you’ve got an eclectic tastes, it seeps in. Let’s say these are 5 influences on the album and the sound for the future:

Jimmy Eat World

Phoebe Bridgers

The Naked and Famous

Death Cab for Cutie

Cross My Heart

What’s your ultimate goals as a band?

The ultimate goal would be to be as insanely big as possible! We’ll happily take Iron Maiden out as support band. A more realistic goal is to keep being happy as a band and playing music together. If this music finds an audience and they latch onto it then that’s even better. 

Who’s in the band? And what are the respective instruments of each member?

There is:

Sarah Monteath – Lead Vocals, Keys, Violin. 

Jamie Monteath – Guitar, Vocals.

Lewis Rumney – Bass, Vocals.

Andrew Scott – Drums 

Neil Fergusson – Guitar.

Can you give a brief description of the song writing process?

It usually starts with an idea. That could be a vocal melody, a riff, a lyric or a certain beat/rhythm. We take that idea and run with it til we find the vibe that suits it. 

We tend to demo our ideas at my extremely modest home recording studio in my spare bedroom. We see what works, sounds good and jam it out. It’s great for instant feedback and seeing what pleases our ears! 

Any last words?

Please come see our show at Henry’s Cellar Bar on November 24th with Slow Blood. A grand time shall be had by all. And please, buy the album! 

We’ll be hearing lots more from this band, I can see festivals around the world happening for them! Follow the band now for the latest on twitter and Instagram @lastwildlion

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