‘Keep A Secret’ by Future Fires

Birmingham Lads Future Fires newest release ‘Keep A Secret’ delivers as awesome vibes as their August single Midnight Sky. 

And hail the vocals by Frontman Adam, it’s superb how well instruments gel with his voice.

John on guitar was a born player for sure, I’ve not got a single doubt about it. He’s plucking riffs straight from the top drawer, that only some can dream of. About 30 seconds in, those dreamy notes he plays up and down the frets really ignite the song. 

You can evidently build mountains around that riff, Matt on Bass and Alex the drum slayer equally explode the song as well but for me that riff is a game changer. 

So early on in their musical career you’d expect a few bumps in the road but they show no signs of that. The Future Fires ball is rolling. They’re confident in their talents, giving fans what they want, and the proof is in the pudding. 

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Author: Cpt.S

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