Introducing US Band Lily In The Weeds

Introducing a great new ‘psychedelic blues’ band from Columbus Ohio, US, LILY IN THE WEEDS. With their brand new EP ‘High Road’ released last month.

I wasn’t hoping to find a great tune by a brand new band from the US on Wednesday evening, It found me, sat at my computer eating a kit kat.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when the song ‘Don’t make a scene’ made its way to my soul. 

The resounding opening guitar riff was colourful work, that linked wonderfully with timely crisp drumming.

Then Alex, the lead vocalist opens up her pipes and gave me delicious vocals. That delicious I stopped eating that Kit Kat.

I genuinely felt like I was watching an opening scene in a Quentin Tarantino Movie. It had swagger and class which I adore.

Ironically the title ‘Don’t make a scene’ did the exact opposite. 

Alex (vocals) and her boyfriend Mike (Guitarist) started writing music 2 years ago. Together they wrote ‘Take Me Home’ and ‘Burn The Witch’ off the EP with a different drummer in a small town called Wooster. They relocated to a larger place, Columbus, for the bigger venues and in company of a lot more bands.

They hooked up with Matt (Drummer) in spring 2017, and his twin brother Andy (bass) joined the band in August 2017.


Guitarist Mike takes inspiration from Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, which are clearly shining through in his skills on the song. 

Vocalist Alex looks upto Allison Mosshart Of The Dead Weather / The Kills and Grace Sick of Jefferson Airplane. 

The Twins Matt and Andy are big fans of Tedeschi Trucks and Phish, they use to play exclusively in jam Bands.

Alex said “Rock and Roll isn’t dead, they’re just looking in the wrong places”.

I couldn’t help clap my hands at that response. I then asked Alex what are the bands ultimate goals? she replied “We really just love writing music together and playing shows. We al have full time jobs and I frankly don’t know that I personally have to stomach for a touring musicians’ life – but we’d like to do some short tours, keep writing new stuff and playing together. We have a really great chemistry as a group, I think because everyone is a “Yes, let’s try it!” Person and so it’s really just fun pushing new boundaries and trying new sounds together. We have a new batch of about 4 songs and some other ideas in the incubator so we may do another EP sometime in the next year. Full-length albums are just so expensive and it seems like with streaming it’s not as much the way people consume music anymore”.

I have to be the bearer of bad news and say they may just have to grow the Stomach for a touring musicians life style if they keep dropping bombs like ‘Don’t Make a scene’.

Listen to this song and the rest of the EP over on Spotify 

Follow the band on twitter @weedslily and @lilyintheweeds on Instagram.

Author: Cpt.S

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