Introducing – Michael Harris


Michael is 21, from Birmingham. Another musician coming from Birmingham I hear you say!? Yes! There must be something in the water!

Michael released his debut single, ‘Run’,  in July this year, and it’s a superb record. He wrote, recorded, and produced it all on his own. A clearly talented individual.

He sounds like Ed Sheeran, and this song sounds like something Sheeran would write.

I got to know Michael a little better. His go to guitar is a Martin 000RS1

An absolute legend of a guitar! You can hear just how good it sounds on his song.

I asked him what’s your goals as a musician?

In terms of goals, I’m hoping to do music full time if I can. I graduated university a couple of months ago and I’m hoping to spend the next year or so focusing on music, getting better at singing and producing, hopefully playing shows. Even if I can’t do this full time, I’m happy to get a ‘regular’ job and do music the rest of the time.

I just want to make music really in whatever capacity I can. I’m helping friends and people I know with their music and collaborating etc. so yeah – just as much music as I can.

If Michael can produce a song like this, who knows what’s in store for us next!

Listen to the song here

Follow Michael on twitter @Michael_HMusic

On instagram @michaelhmusic


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