Fuzzy Sun’s New EP

The Stockport 5 peice 2nd EP Of the year is titled Warm Evening / Cold Morning.

The track Want Love from the first EP has up to 180,000 streams on Spotify. 

Which gave me no doubt I’ll be going to fire straight into this new EP. 

The EP kicks off with a song called Eve. I can only describe it as a super power like being able to Teleport. It felt authentic but so recognisable at the same time. It was Retro.

The opening synth was like a trail of marshmallows leading me to the 80’s, while picking magic mushrooms on the way there. 

Ill Be The Man was sure another psychedelic keyboard snack trail, I’m loving the vibe of this song. 

Heavy is reliably packing as many punches as the previous tracks, as Lewis Jobson and Mitch Bancroft connect rhythms with perfection. And the intro of backing harmonies  were superb by Daisy Valentine, also the Synth genius, tilted the EP to another angle. 

The track December was opened with warm acoustic guitar and a pure vocal by lead singer Kyle Ross. And while hes strumming minor chords he individually plucks strings before the chord in between, giving the song addictive dynamics.

But it doesn’t let you forget the rest of the band, when the electric guitar riff peaks it’s head in the window, followed closely by dazzling drums. 


This band are annoyingly talented. I often find myself trying to find faults when it comes to music reviews, but if it ends up on this website you’ll know there are absolutely none. 

Sometimes music of this class can leave a reviewer a bit lost for words to describe its true beauty.

But If you love drum and bass behind a voice that’s sonically enthralling then this EP is for you. If you love Synth that’s a work of art on its own, then this EP is for you. 

Listen to the EP below, and follow the band now for the latest on Twitter & Instagram @fuzzysunband 

Author: Cpt.S

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