Courtyards new single is bigger and better

Courtyards new single, it’s bigger and better and I cannot wait.

It’s 3 days before Courtyards new single comes out and I cannot convince myself that it’s not going to be anything but a hit. 

Backseat, its title, has me on the edge of mine. 

Uplifting electric guitars meet thunderous drum and base, and passionate lyrics meet heroic vocals. 

I had the pleasure of asking the bands questions I’d like to know.

  1. When did the band form ?

“The band was formed in early 2015 when we met in uni halls as freshers, but we only truly started taking it seriously around 2016 if we are honest.”

  1. Who’s in the band ? what are the respective instruments of each member?

“ The band is: 

   Matt Riley – lead vocal/guitar

   Callum Usher – lead guitar 

   Louis Taylor – Bass/synth 

   Luke Allcock – Drums/vocals

  1. Who writes the songs? And a brief description of the song writing process? “Matt usually writes the lyrics and bare bones of the song then the band comes together to add in all their musical parts. But for the last few songs we’ve made, it’s been a completely off the cuff random jam as we walk into the practice room, with Matt mumbling random words into a melody then we’ve stopped and thought .. that could be a song that! Then Matt will go away and write some actual lyrics to fill in the gaps. 90% of the time that’s what happens now and we’ve got loads of half-finished songs filling up our voice memos”
  1. Who’s the bands biggest icons and inspirations? “ that’s always a hard one that as it changes all the time. But I’d say our recent inspirations come from a combination of The Joy, Formidable, Foals, The xx, and Kasabian.” 
  1. And finally what’s the bands ultimate direction? What are your goals?      “We’re in it for the long haul! We want to get out there to as many people as possible and bring as much joy to people as we get from doing this thing that we love. We’ve got an EP to release with all our tracks on and a brand new single and music video planned for later this year. We’re gonna keep going for as long as we are able to because we have a lot of fun doing it”

Absolutely brilliant, Courtyards!

Follow the band now for the release of their new single this Friday! Twitter @_courtyards

instagram courtyardsmusic

I appreciate your time lads.


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