Corella release new single ‘Island’

Corella come flying back with a brand new track called Island after their acoustic release Fever, came out back in July. You could say they’ve brought that summer feeling back to us in a cold November. 

To this day their 2017 record Barcelona Girl still dominates my playlist when I’m constantly clicking back through the tracks to find it again. 

Honestly, my car journey to work is pretty bouncing. And ‘island’ will be slotted right next to Barcelona girl for future purposes. It’s a perfect companion.

What a song. It showcases their musical talents, but you can feel them moving forward and highlighting exactly what they want from music, and exactly what they do best. Unreal indie rock vocals, instrumental class, and addictive choruses. 

‘Island’ takes you to an island, in a country where I will admit I’d need factor 500. But that’s cool. I’m Drinking ice cold beer by the pool. I’m not worried about miserable weather and seeing your muggy face ever again, I’m dreaming of more. And most definitely deserving of more as frontman Joel sings ‘I can feel it’. Visualising the better life. But frustration sets in to why isn’t this a reality when all I can do is feel it should be manifesting right in front of me. 

You read my mind Corella, what a great song!

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Author: Cpt.S

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