Captain Sound presents The Stolen Moans

All the way from across the pond – Los Angeles based band The Stolen Moans debut with a catchy single called ‘The King Of claws’. 
I had the pleasure of catching up with them to see what they were all about!
“We’ve known each other from either sharing stages in other bands and sometimes playing in the same projects. Earlier this year I got to a point where I knew I had to put my own band together and reached out to a few people. My vision was for a larger group but the three of us (Eric and Chane) just “clicked”. You can never really know what a new band dynamic is going to be but this was immediately fun and we started writing songs at our very first rehearsal. Eric (drums & vocals) had been in a (no Bass player) 3-piece before and was the first to point out that sometimes less is more. Chane (guitars & vocals) was a tad concerned about not having a bass (in the live mix) but we started playing around with some fun “toys” (FX Pedals, synths, etc…) and have found a way to make it work for us. Ordinarily I love big band sounds however I’m also loving the extra space on stage, so I think I’m converted! 
Our first show was in August of this year in Los Angeles and we’ve played at least one gig a month since. Yes, we’re itching to take the show on the road and we’d LOVE to get over to Scotland, Ireland and England which is why we’re also working really hard on recording so we can have a new album ready by spring to share with y’all!  We each come from different musical backgrounds and loves – my guilty pleasures are comics, pop & musicals, Eric is a diehard metal head and Chane is a punk & noise purist. On the page it sounds like we’d never get past the first 1,2,3,4… but so far we’ve managed to incorporate most of our influences into the music. 
Live we really like to turn it up! Again, my love of musicals & theater manifests in elaborate bespoke/DIY costumes and makeup, (which I can sometimes get the boys into too.) Eric is a MONSTER on the drums and some of my favorite moments on stage are letting him, just, Chane is another powerful presence with his crazed guitaring and manic energy. You have to see this guy for yourself!”
“Goals are tough but any band worth a damn will tell you they want to leave a legacy they’re proud of and we are no different …. well except for the “Rock Opera” part, we may inflict that upon the world as well ;)”
Finally, if you’re up late on Friday Dec. 7thwe’ll be playing a fully live show (not acoustic!) on KXLU at 6pm PST – (2am GMT, Sat. Dec. 8th for you) you can steam it on both the radio website and a live feed from the venue.   
KXLU Steam: we’ll be on at 6pm PST / 2am GMT  
Vivian – Lead vocals, theremin, bass synth
Eric – Drums & vocals
Chane – Guitar & vocals
Current Musical Inspirations
The Devils, The Courettes, Nikki Hill, Tiger Sex, White Mystery, Cedric Burnside, The Slow Poisoner, Nels Cline, The Schizophonics, Janelle Monae, Sloppy Jane, Wyvern Lingo
Classic Musical Inspirations
The Cramps, Missy Elliott, Devo, Prince, Captain Beefheart, Melt Banana, Nomeansno, Marvin Gaye, Hound Dog Taylor, Tina Turner, Thin Lizzy, Bowie, B-52’s, Poison Girls, The Jesus Lizard, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Skids, Motorhead, Prong, The Breeders, Chuck Berry etc.
follow the band now for all the latest @stolenmoans on Twitter & @thestolenmoans on Instagram! Meow. Listen to their debut single below!


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