Listen To Lynzy Lab’s Original Song

The World could definitely learn a lot from this original tune ‘A Scary Time’  by Lynzy Lab. who’s home filmed video of her singing is going viral as we speak. 

This comes after Trump said it’s ‘A scary time for young men in America’.

The American Dancer & Choreographer’s video already has 144,362 hits on YouTube in about 48 hours after publishing.

Hollywood Actor Mark Ruffalo has tweeted about the song sharing it with 4 million followers

This song shows us sarcasm and witty lyrics, but more importantly exposes stereotypical mind sets and how hypocritical we can all be as human beings.

I love how I’ve heard this song today, it’s an extremely important message. We should all listen and digest it, and enjoy how catchy it is in the process.

Lisyen to the song here and follow Lynzy @MercedesLynz on Twitter!

Author: Cpt.S

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